Monday, December 22, 2008

UNIMAS Makes Room

Due to Dr. Schatz's efforts to send a Whitworth student to Universiti Sarawak Malaysia, the university has now opened up its undergraduate programs to international students from non-partner universities.

My understanding is that prior to my being admitted to UNIMAS, only foreign students from universities with which UNIMAS had a partnership were admitted. For these students, tuition fees were waived. That is why it took some time and effort on the part of UNIMAS to figure out how much to charge me for tuition.

Dr. Schatz's idea to send one of his students resulted in a significant change in policy for a large public university in Malaysia.

A description of this change, for now, tops the list of announcements on UNIMAS's homepage. (Also see the announcement just below that one, or click here, for a description of the Bahasa Malaysia Level 1 language course I'll be taking)