Monday, April 13, 2009

Mom and Jane Here, Then Off to Phuket

Coincidentally, my mom Vicky and her close friend Jane had been planning a vacation together to Thailand even before I knew I would come to Malaysia. It was only natural for mom to insert a side trip to Kuching to see her boy.

She and Jane first went to Bangkok and soon continued on to Kuching where they stayed four nights. A friendly taxi driver brought them by his village on the way to see me at UNIMAS. They also enjoyed the orangutan park, the Sarawak Cultural Village, and the bistro and diverse shopping along the waterfront.

View of Kuching from their hotel room:

At the Cultural Village we saw dwellings of Sarawak's major indigenous groups and watched the tribal song and dance performance. We were even feeling silly enough to accept the invitation to dance on stage. (I'm short on pictures of mom and Jane because they preferred using their own cameras.)

I accepted the offer to join them at the resort in Phuket, the main destination of their trip. We left on a Saturday and I returned Tuesday night, missing only one lecture.